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Nexus Letter

VA Claim Denied With Nexus Letter? 

If you had a VA claim denied with nexus letter, you may wonder what went wrong.  While nexus letters aren’t required, they frequently help bridge the gap between an award and denial on your VA disability claim. However, they aren’t always the golden ticket to a winning claim.  Receiving a VA claim denial can be […]
Mental HealthNexus LetterPhysical Conditions

Secondary Conditions to PTSD 

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a significant condition on its own, but when you add a secondary condition, life can become even more crippling.  There are several secondary conditions to PTSD, and knowing whether you qualify can significantly impact your monthly VA benefits.  It’s common for veterans to file secondary VA claims if their PTSD […]

Are There Nexus Letter Doctors Near Me?

A nexus letter proves a link between your condition and military service, and therefore, can be the “make it or break it” for your disability claim.  If you’ve asked yourself, “Are there Nexus Letter Doctors near me?” you’ve come to the right place.  It’s easier to find a nexus letter doctor near you than you […]

Does a Sleep Apnea Nexus Letter Help Your Claim?

In this post, we outline what you need to know about a Sleep Apnea Nexus Letter. We also explain why sleep apnea nexus letters can be helpful and how veterans can get a nexus letter for sleep apnea. If you’re a veteran, getting treatment for service-connected sleep apnea starts by getting a VA rating for sleep […]

Mental Health Evaluation 7 Key Facts for Veterans

As you prepare to submit a claim for VA disability, you may be asked to attend a mental health evaluation. But what is a mental health evaluation, and do you need one before you submit your VA claim? This post will look at 7 key facts to guide you through the process of your mental health evaluation,

What is a Nexus Letter? And How Much Do They Cost?

Many veterans applying for VA disability want to know: What is a nexus letter? This post explains what a nexus letter is, how much they cost, and offers veterans a way to obtain a nexus letter—fast.
Veteran Resources

Does the VA Still Accept DBQs?

What veteran doesn’t want a higher disability rating? If that sounds appealing to you, then you want to consider having a VA Disability Benefits Questionnaire (DBQ) filled out by a licensed medical provider. A VA DBQ helps C&P examiners gather essential medical information to process a veteran’s disability claims.

What Is a Mental Health Evaluation?

Before veterans can receive help from the VA, they have to go through a mental health evaluation. This evaluation is the first step towards a diagnosis and treatment from the VA. Here’s what you need to know about what a mental health evaluation is and how to best prepare for it.

What Veterans Can Do About Chronic Pain

While unfortunate, if you’re a veteran experiencing chronic pain, there is some relief. In addition to the suggestions below, you can get help from veteran-friendly providers to help diagnose and treat your chronic pain. With the proper medical evidence and treatment plan, you can address your chronic pain head on and manage your symptoms.
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