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Secondary Conditions to PTSD 

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a significant condition on its own, but when you add a secondary condition, life can become even more crippling.  There are several secondary conditions to PTSD, and knowing whether you qualify can significantly impact your monthly VA benefits.  It’s common for veterans to file secondary VA claims if their PTSD […]

What Veterans Can Do About Chronic Pain

While unfortunate, if you’re a veteran experiencing chronic pain, there is some relief. In addition to the suggestions below, you can get help from veteran-friendly providers to help diagnose and treat your chronic pain. With the proper medical evidence and treatment plan, you can address your chronic pain head on and manage your symptoms.

Help with a VA Nexus Letter for Skin Conditions

When you think of getting help for service-related issues, your thoughts may immediately turn to PTSD or muscle pain. But the breadth of service-related issues reaches further than these commonalities. Even chronic skin conditions can be attributed to your service.

The Top 5 Symptoms of Chronic Pain in Veterans

Chronic pain may affect more than 50% of the 18 million Veterans in the United States, so if you’re a Veteran living with the symptoms of chronic pain, you’re not alone. However, at Telemedica we believe that you deserve to live a pain free and healthy life after your time in service to your country.  While the symptoms […]

Could Your Migraines Be Service Connected?

If you are a veteran and suffer from frequent migraines, you may be able to receive VA disability for headaches. Migraines are common among veterans—roughly 36 percent of veterans who served in Iraq for a year have been diagnosed with or experienced symptoms of migraines.

How to Cope with Veteran Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is something a lot of people deal with, but suffering from it isn’t as common among younger age groups. Typically, chronic pain develops as a result of a progressing medical condition, or due to the wear and tear of getting older.
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