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Nexus LetterPhysical Conditions

Help with a VA Nexus Letter for Skin Conditions

When you think of getting help for service-related issues, your thoughts may immediately turn to PTSD or muscle pain. But the breadth of service-related issues reaches further than these commonalities. Even chronic skin conditions can be attributed to your service.
Mental Health

How to Help a Veteran in Crisis 5 Signs and 4 Ways to Help

It’s important to support our nation’s heroes and help Veterans in their time of need. We hope this resource will educate you on how to help a Veteran in crisis, particularly when it comes to their mental health.

World Mental Health Day & Therapy For Veterans

Veterans, you are not alone if you’re dealing with anxiety, PTSD, or any other mental health issue. Nearly 50 million Americans struggle with mental health, making it a common issue. However, the unique struggles Veterans face daily can make it challenging to bring up in conversation with doctors or loved ones.

The Top 5 Symptoms of Chronic Pain in Veterans

Chronic pain may affect more than 50% of the 18 million Veterans in the United States, so if you’re a Veteran living with the symptoms of chronic pain, you’re not alone. However, at Telemedica we believe that you deserve to live a pain free and healthy life after your time in service to your country.  While the symptoms […]
Veteran Resources

Career Opportunities for Veterans

July 25th is National Hire a Veteran Day As Veterans leave the armed forces, our nation’s heroes suddenly find themselves without a job. For many Veterans it can be hard to know where to start in the job force as they reintegrate back into society.

Is There a Link Between PTSD and Migraines?

Living with PTSD can be stressful enough on its own, but when recurring migraines start showing up as well, it can make navigating day to day life even more difficult and challenging. Few people discuss the link between these two frequently occurring afflictions, but there is reason to believe there’s a strong connection.

Recurring Therapy for Veterans with PTSD

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) affects about 20% of US military Veterans. It is also a major cause of mortality for these men and women. While PTSD extends beyond the military, war Veterans are especially susceptible to this condition.

Veteran-Centered Events Near You Remembering the Fallen This Memorial Day

Memorial Day is the day we remember those we’ve lost in military service. We honor these fallen heroes by visiting war memorials, taking part in remembrance services, or engaging in activities that pay tribute to the sacrifice of our military forces.

6 Ways to Cope with Mental Illness

Many people are quick to thank our servicemen and women for their time in the military, but not everyone considers what that time may have cost them—and, more importantly, what it continues to cost our veterans after they return to civilian life.
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