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In this issue of the Telemedica newsletter, we welcome Valor Telehealth PLLC to the Telemedica Psych Team, announce our new company wide email signatures, talk about our upcoming Facebook live stream, and include news & updates from the VA. Keep scrolling to learn more!

News & Updates




Valor Telehealth PLLC

Telemedica is excited to contract with Valor Telehealth PLLC, owned and operated by Dr. Nicole Salvatore and Dr. Mike Salvatore. Moving forward, Valor Telehealth will contract with our independent team of psychologists to provide clinical guidance and expertise to our ever-growing provider network.

We officially welcomed a new group of psychologists under this departmental change as of June 1st.

We are looking forward to this transition and to growing our team of wonderful and knowledgeable psychologists!


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Telemedica Gets a Makeover With SignatureSatori

This week, Telemedica is implementing new company-wide email signatures for all teams and departments. All signatures will reflect appropriate department names, titles, and levels of education for our providers. The signatures will also include social media links and our website for quick and easy access!

We are excited to implement this change as we add another level of professionalism to the Telemedica experience.
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With Dr. Nicole Salvatore

Dr. Nicole Salvatore will be hosting our next Facebook and YouTube live stream! Dr. Nicole Salvatore will discuss all things “mental health evaluations” and the live stream will take place on Tuesday, June 22nd, at 11 am CSTKeep an eye out for more information about this coming soon. Follow and subscribe to our Facebook and YouTube profiles by clicking the buttons below.

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Conversations With Dr. Mike Salvatore

We had a great month of May on our social media platforms! We appreciate all of you that tuned in to our daily tips from Dr. Salvatore and those who joined in on the conversation from our live stream or shared and commented on our posts. We are reaching more veterans than ever and our engagement numbers are on the rise!

Even though Mental Health Awareness Month is over, it doesn’t mean that the conversation has to be. We will be publishing more blog posts surrounding the topic of mental health and keeping the conversation open. June is PTSD awareness month and we will be sharing more resources and helpful information surrounding the topic of PTSD and mental health. Our goal is to guide our veteran clients to a place where they feel comfortable seeking professional help to cope with their symptoms after service.

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Breaking News! 

VA announced two major decisions related to presumptive conditions associated with Agent Orange and toxic exposures.

For more information, click the button below.
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Telehealth appointment

To learn more about PSYPACT and the list of states that are covered under their legislation, click the button below!


New Enactments as of May 2021

PSYPACT is an interjurisdictional compact organization that allows providers to ethically practice telemedicine and in-person appointments across state lines. The legislation under PSYPACT allows providers to operate under temporary licensure without the need to be licensed in every single state.  The states that recently adopted PSYPACT legislation are as follows:
+ Maryland enacts PSYPACT Legislation – May 18th, 2021

+ Kansas enacts PSYPACT Legislation – May 17th, 2021

+ Tennessee enacts PSYPACT Legislation – May 11th, 2021
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New Graphic Coming Soon

We would like to share an example of our upcoming 5-step process. We are working to finalize this graphic soon so that our veteran clients have a visual timeline to follow on their path to receiving medical evidence. 

With the help of this graphic, it is our goal to streamline our practices and make our services more accessible and easy to navigate. 

This example pertains to the Nexus Letter service, but we will be providing streamlined processes for all of our services in the near future.

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“Success is the sum of small efforts repeated day in and day out.”

– Robert Collier


Telemedica’s Promise To YOU


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Personal Communication

Whenever you have a question, our customer service team and operations manager are never more than a click away. Our team is dedicated to addressing your concerns quickly and efficiently and giving a personalized experience.

Quality Providers

All Telemedica providers hold doctoral degrees in psychology from graduate programs accredited by the American Psychological Association (APA) or the Psychological Clinical Science Accredited System (PCSAS). Many of Telemedica’s providers have experience working directly with the Veteran community. Telemedica providers understand what the VA is looking for because they have conducted evaluations themselves and will work alongside you to make these connections.

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Ongoing Training

All providers go through Telemedica’s onboarding process and continually attend extensive training. Telemedica’s team of providers includes a Quality Assurance group, as well as a doctorate level provider trainer to ensure everyone is up to speed on completing the most comprehensive evaluations.

Commitment to Our Veterans

Telemedica’s team and network of providers have one collective goal, and that is to help Veterans. Our progressive telehealth options give Veterans access to the Medical/Psych/Telemedicine services they need, when and where they need it!

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Questions? Comments? Concerns?

If you have any questions or concerns pertaining to this newsletter or anything Telemedica related,  please contact Customer Service.

Our Customer service team can be reached in the following ways:

+ By emailing us for round the clock service (24/7) at [email protected].

+ Or by phone at 512-883-8446 9am – 5pm CST Monday – Friday. If we do not answer, please leave a message and we will return your call as soon as possible.

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More information about our Psych and Med Teams coming soon!

In the meantime, make sure to read our posts.
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