Services Offered at Telemedica.

Telemedica offers a suite of niche services and connects Veterans to independent medical providers who understand the unique needs of the Veteran Community


Telemedica’s Price List


First Time Med Diagnosis*

Medical Nexus Letter*

P&T Request Letter*

Mental Health Evaluation*


Rebuttal Letters**

Recurring Therapy

*100 non-refundable appointment/booking fee applies to these services

**May need to be combined with re-evaluation if additional data is needed

Volume Discounts

10% off

When you purchase two (2) or more IMOs.

20% off

When you purchase three (3) or more IMOs.

$100 off

Your final invoice when you bundle a First-Time Med DX & a Nexus Letter/IMO service.

$100 Access Fee*

*The $100 non-refundable appointment/booking fee covers the cost of the Telemedica provider’s time/effort to review the veteran’s case and to ensure they can assist the veteran. This fee applies every time a veteran needs any of the services above (excluding the Re-Evaluation) so that the provider can review the most up-to-date information.

Promotional Pricing**

**Promotional pricing for first-time clients may apply. Inquire within for more information.

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Veterans Served

We have helped over 10,000 veterans receive quality care and look forward to serving many more.

Our Services

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Nexus Letters

Telemedica offers Independent Medical Opinions (Nexus Letters) based on previously diagnosed disability conditions related to:

+ Direct Service Connections icon

+ Secondary Service Connections icon

+ Presumptive Service Connections icon

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  • DD214
  • Benefits Summary
  • Current DX of medical condition 


  • Blue Button Report
  • Personal Statements
  • Buddy Letters
  • Medical Records

Mental Health Exam

Our team of licensed and professional providers will perform one of the following:

+ One time mental health assessment that can include a diagnosis.

+ Comprehensive, evidence-based mental examination.

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  • DD214
  • Benefits Summary


  • Personal Statements
  • Buddy Letters
  • Medical Records

Telemedicine Evals

Our medical team provides telemedicine examinations to determine first-time medical diagnosis of 21 applicable conditions.*

*See below for the full list of conditions we diagnose.

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  • DD214
  • Benefits Summary


  • Blue Button Report
  • Personal Statements
  • Buddy Letters
  • Medical Records
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Recurring Therapy

Telehealth therapy tailored to the Veteran Client experience that follows a VA model and includes benefits such as:

+ Clinician notes to track your progress

+ Therapy modalities backed by research

+ Outcomes measures

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Rebuttal Letters

A letter written by one of our licensed psychologists that refutes the reasons for a denial of a veteran’s claim.

Our Focus is You

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Veteran Focused Platforms

We are here to support you. 

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Licensed Professionals

Friendly & Professional.


Telehealth Appointments

Convenient & accessible.

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Telemedica’s 21 Diagnosable Conditions

icon ED

icon GERD

icon IBS

icon Headaches

icon Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

icon Fibromyalgia

icon Female Sexual Arousal Disorder

icon Patellofemoral Syndrome

icon Lumbago

icon Chronic Tonsillitis

icon Chronic Pharyngitis

icon Tinnitus

icon Plantar Fasciitis

icon Radiculopathy

icon Peripheral Neuropathy

icon Vertigo

icon Chronic Multisymptom Illness / Gulf War Syndrome

icon Meniere’s Disease

icon Allergic Rhinitis

icon Skin Conditions


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